SEND US YOUR DEMO / WE’LL PUT IT ON ITUNES & 400+ Other Digital Retailers!

28 Sep

Are you looking for global digital distribution?

Good news… Overhead Records is a partner of UNSOLICITED DEMO RECORDINGS. Through our partnership, we have access to hundreds of digital stores (e.g. iTunes, eMusic, etc.) and would love to partner up with you!

We’re not a conventional record label, we don’t distribute physical CDs or anything fancy like that, but if you find someone to do that you can leave us any time – no biggie.

We can simply put your tunes online, so you can sell them… when you do that, we’ll send you the dough. Simple!

Wanna sign up? Email the following info to

  1. Your music links (no Mp3 Files)
  2. Official website
  3. Bio
  4. Contact info
  5. List of Discography you’d like us to distribute.

Please note that we get a lot of inquiries, so give us a minute to get back to you, and remember that although we review all material, we don’t sign everyone.

the Unsolicted Demos A&R Team

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