24 Mar

Last summer while ROBOTANISTS were touring relentlessly, the group decided to make a covers record whenever they had a spare moment. They thought it would only take us a few weeks… they were wrong, but its almost here!

ROBOTANISTS: Recording "Shapes and Variations" Covers  Album / Fall 2009

“SHAPES AND VARIATIONS is a collection of covers, reharmonized and rearranged to paint an aural portrait of all that we love about Los Angeles.
L.A. possesses a certain auspicious melancholy that some people don’t tap into or even sense. Yes, it’s always sunny and warm, but the truth is thousands of people migrate here following their dreams, only to return to where they came from. Some of us landed here very much broken, but found solace amidst all of those things that people leave behind when they move back home, because it didn’t work out.
All of those abandoned hopes and dreams and heartaches can still be felt here, and with those things in mind, we’ve taken what ever sunshine existed from songs by Bryan Adams, Joe Jackson, Lykke Li, Jay Z and a few others, and replaced it with our own warmth and pulse.

Each song tells a new story born from the dreams of another.”

LISTEN to the first track on the record, our Los Angeles inspired cover of Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind”… we call it “EXILED STATE OF MIND”

Also included on the record are…. “Are You Really Going out With Her?” (Joe Jackson), “All You Ever Wanted” (The Black Keys), “Never Tear Us Apart” (INXS), “Dance Dance Dance” (Lykke Li), and a few more, all of which have been re-harmonized, re-lyric-ized, rearranged and overall reworked.

SHAPES AND VARIATIONS was initially going to be a digital-only release available worldwide via OVERHEAD RECORDS (on 04.06.10), but we decided to make a VERY SMALL quantity of hand numbered physical CDs that will be available at our online store (Pre-Orders Only Until 3.30.10) and and at shows.

CLICK HERE for a list of links to our digital retailers. FREE companion liner notes for the physical CD will also be available online after 04.06!!!

Here are a few PHOTOS from the studio and other events at the time ROBOTANISTS were making Shapes and Variations!

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