ROBOTANISTS’ covers “surpass the originals” on SHAPES AND VARIATIONS

25 Mar

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The reviews keep rolling in…. This week,’s Deltron 3030 pits ROBOTANISTS’s Shapes and Variations up against Peter Gabriel’s new covers album, Scratch my Back... Robotanists emerge victorious! Falling in line with artists like Jeff Buckley, Gary Jules, and Cat Power in their ability to craft a cover that exceeds the original!

Here are few highlights…

“Where Peter Gabriel failed [with his covers album, Scratch My Back] , the Robotanists succeed… it is very rare when a cover song surpasses the original. Amazingly enough on their upcoming EP [Shapes and Variations] the Robotanists manage to pull off this trick seven times.

Seven times they reinvent a popular song. Seven times they take ownership of the covered material.

I hate to give someone overflowing credit, but not only do they take ownership but they do it with songs that are part of the popular zeitgeist. It’s as if they shouted out “Hey Gabriel, it’s one thing to cover Bon Iver’s “Flume” but try covering Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind.” It takes balls to do that..and balls are what the Roboantists have. Balls and beautiful lead vocals.”

“Joe Jackson’s classic [“Are you really Going Out With Him”] gets a gender bend and couldn’t sound sexier. “Dance, Dance, Dance” is reworked to the point if you didn’t know any better you’d assume Lykke Li was covering them. Seriously go compare the two.

…the band was challenged to make the most overplayed songs listen-able again. They rose to the challenge and then some.”

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