16 Feb

ROBOTANISTS’ 3rd record, PLANS IN PROGRESS is finally available to buy at their OFFICIAL STORE, and is available now on limited edition compact disc at Amoeba Records and other boutique west coast retailers.

Here’s a little more about the album, in the band’s own words from

“The record was a labor of love that occupied most of 2010 for us. Last year we finished recording and released our covers record and our first 12″ vinyl, and whenever we weren’t touring, we were recording, what would become PLANS IN PROGRESS, at home, and with our producer at Bright Street (also home to Sia, Rilo Kiley, Vampire Weekend etc.)

Produced and Recorded by Danny Kalb (Ben Harper, Beck, Feist, Karen O, etc) and mastered by Mark Chalecki (Local Natives, The Living Sisters, etc), the album consists of 7 tracks united in minimalistic keyboard textures,  swirling  hemiolas , frenetic dance beats, and soaring melodies.

In terms of lyrics, what started conceptually as a volume of first impressions, quickly evolved into a series of pathways, all starting with one introduction between two would be lovers, and all ending just the same.

The delicately modern album art was designed by ASHKAHN Studio + Co. and was inspired by a photograph taken by our friend Jessy Plume.

A number of fantastic musicians helped us along the way, Jordan Richardson (Epic Ruins, Ben Harper Relentless 7)  lent us some a amazing drums to use for a few of the tracks, Brad Breeck (The Mae Shi, Skull Tape) lent us his analog synthesis skills, and Steve Cooper (Spirit Animal, Gray Kid) recorded Moog tracks from all the way across the country.”

Here are some nice things already said about the record…

“Female-fronted indie at its finest, a soulful voice cast over booming guitar and the downright pretty production quality typical of the genre. The Robotanists are here to fill that void [of bands like Denali] in every respect, and “On/Off The Ledge” is as sincere as it is dancy, adjectives that normally take effort to pair together.“ ~ (USA)

Over ghostly guitars and pulsing keys, Ellquist’s vocals strike a nice balance between sultry/detached and warm/inviting, and on this sophomore effort, produced by Danny Kalb, the foursome strikes out for a broader sonic atmosphere. “Let’s steal this moment / and go as fast as we can,” Ellquist sings in the title track, and if this too-short album is any indication, Robotanists’ moment may very well be nigh.” ~ Kevin Bronson, (USA)

“Robotanists may not be a band you’ve heard of yet, but you will. They’re pretty damn great. And they’ve got a new album, Plans In Progress, out today. Trust us when we say that it will fill the synth pop void currently blackening your heart while you count down the days until that new Radiohead album is in your hot little iPod.” ~ (USA)

The album will also be available on iTunes and everywhere else on the web next week via OVERHEAD RECORDS, and on 12″ vinyl later this year.

Click HERE to order PLANS IN PROGRESS on CD and get a FREE digital download immediately!

Join the band in celebrating their release every Monday at the Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles, CA. Visit for more info.

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