30 Mar

ROBOTANISTS first music video from their new album PLANS IN PROGRESS, just premiered on NYC and Chicago-based music site,CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND, a “worldly influenced music blog that seeks to cover the music world as it has never has been covered before.”

The site had this to say about the video for “On/Off the Ledge” (Directed by Thomas Kenney)…

Leave it to Los Angeles to keep things delectably weird. Robotanists, have issued a video for their new polished single, “On/Off Ledge”. If you haven’t heard the tune, it’s a dreamy, buttercup-tasting jingle, one that highlights vocalist/songwriter Sarah DeBlanke’s melancholy-on-a-sunny-day melodies. Over a bath of lucid instrumentationfrom surrounding band mates, the song bounces and bubbles in ways that beg the listener to fly out to California, rent a convertible, and wave at passerbys who have miserable lives. Directed by Thomas Kenney, the four minute (and one second!) clip finds the band living their song. It’s bright, it’s balmy, and it’s everything California feels like to tourists. However, things go awry…” KEEP READING HERE.

More about the director…

Tom Kenney is a Director/Designer based out of Venice, CA.   Ever since seeing Montel Jordan’s “This Is How We Do it” music video, Tom has observed the artistic ballet that is the art of marrying fine cinema to music.  Other than that, the razor’s edge is all he has ever known.  Also he is intollerant to his lactose intollerancy and extremely truant when returning borrowed DVDs.

Tom’s work can be viewed at

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