THE LONG TANGLES Release First Music Video!!!

26 Jul

The Long Tangles just released their first music video from their debut LP, Silver City. The video for the title track, “Hey, Silver City”,  stars the duo at home in Austin, TX, and on stage, in their very own dance flick (Coco is a runaway teen)! Fun Fun Fun!

Coco admits, “it’s a huge dream of mine to have a dance sequence” in a video… one of epic proportions, no doubt, but since this was their first video, they opted to keep things simple and stick to dancing as a duo.  She continues that while they had to compromise on the scale of their dance numbers, “I still want a real dance sequence with other people, and costumes [eventually]” We have a feeling, she’ll get her way someday soon!

The video was shot by Scott Miles and Collin Canaday (of 412 Films) back in October 2010 (with help from Lorri Hamm), and the concert footage was filmed at the group’s Silver City CD release show in January.  Check it out, and dance along!

The Long Tangles are currently finishing their 2nd LP to be released later this year (yes, two albums in one year, yay)!!!!

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