13 Mar

We’re back @ SXSW this year!

Check out all of the FREE events our artists are performing at!

(RSVP required for some / badges welcome)

March 14th:

SEASONS >> The Wild and only ones party @ Sahara Lounge – 4:45pm
THE LONG TANGLES >> Gallardo Productions Showcase @ The Grackle – 7:05pm
SEASONS >> Gallardo Productions Showcase @ The Grackle – 6:20pm

March 15th:

SEASONS >> Waterloo Cycles Daytime Party @ 2815 Fruth St # A – 3:00pm
SEASONS >> Deadbird Records Showcase @ East Avenue Lounge – 5:30pm
SEASONS >> Freaks & Geeks Party Showcase @ Cherrywood Coffeehouse – 8:00pm

March 16th:

SEASONS >> Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Showcase @ Molotov Lounge – 7:30pm

March 17th:


March 18th:

SEASONS >> Radio Free Silver lake Showcase @ District 301 – 4:00pm
SEASONS >> SXSW Closing Reception Party @ Red Eyed Fly – 8:00pm



“A drum/synth/vox Indie Pop/Indie Rock/Matrimony Rock duo. Blessed or cursed (depending on perspective) with the look and similar line-up of “Mates of State,” The Long Tangles produce a sound uniquely their own. Multi-toned synth and keyboard bass tones interwine with fiery and vigorous drumming to lay a strong foundation for alluring lyrics and layered melodies.”
>> The Austin Chronicle



“Highland Park’s Seasons really pile on the shimmering keyboards, fuzz-heavy guitars, saturated synths, loads of effects pedals and an occasional beating laptop, accordion or harmonica riffing in the background. Their sound is full and showy, building up to great heights then lilting low into soft, cuddly breakdowns.”
>> LA Weekly


Here are a few more friends of friends and  friends of Overhead that you should check out this week in Austin as well!

Barron Von Luxxury (LA)

Grace Woodroofe (Australia)

Spirit Animal (New York)

Voxhaul Broadcast (LA)

Kissing Cousins (LA)

Hands (LA)

Tic Tic Boom (LA)

Bipolaroid (New Orleans)

TS and the Past Haunts (LA)

Vanaprasta (LA)


Races (LA)

Light FM (LA)

The New Limb (LA)

….We’ll add a few more as we think of them.

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