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Spotify + Overhead = Awesome!

30 Jul

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that, SPOTIFY, the award-winning music service that’s taken Europe by storm, finally came to U.S. shores this month. Through Spotify you can have millions of tracks ready to play instantly, on your computer and your phone, including music from Overhead recording artists, ROBOTANISTS, and THE LONG TANGLES,  as well as new releases from DAYDRIFTER, YOUTH VOTE and more very soon!!!

You can also stream music from majors like, Sony Music, Warner Bros., EMI, Universal Music Group and more… and its totally FREE!

We’re excited to be a part of such an amazing music service from the start, and encourage you to go get your US Spotify account invite HERE!


Introducing DAYDRIFTER…

18 Jul

Daydrifter is Sarah DeBlanke’s minimalistic romp into the world of native war calls and modern day spirituals.

Her first single “War Path” was produced by, Daniel DeBlanke, at Sessionier Studios in Silver Lake, CA, and will appear on her yet to be titled debut EP, due out later this year on Overhead Records. Listen now…

Here’s what Sarah has to say about the track…

“I’ve been wanting to write a war chant for some time –  something simple and oddly traditional sounding (pentatonic), with a foundation in vocal melody the way most traditional folk music is written (not the laurel canyon sort). When I’ve written for my other projects, I generally play piano or guitar and I let the instrument lead the way. In this case, I wanted to turn things around and start with voice and melody, so that everything else is secondary, which is a common thread throughout all of my Daydrifter songs.”

get more info…

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