Cinema rock quartet LOMA LYNDA called it quits in August 2006, after 3 years of performing their critically acclaimed live show. They first started as a trio in 2003, under the direction of Los Angeles singer/songwriter Sarah Ellquist, with Chris Mammone on drums and experimental film director, Jason Bognacki, on guitar. By late 2003, the group introduced film compiled Bognacki to accompany Ellquist’s original music, at which point they enlisted accomplished classical musician Daniel “DeBlanke” White on bass and later guitar.

photos by J.Bognacki

The group was most notably the first band to be considered a “feature selection” of the Sundance Film Festival in 2004, where they performed their music accompanied by their found footage epic “Episode II.”

Sundance was followed by historic performances at the CMJ Music Marathon and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2004, then the band decided in 2005 to record their first commercial release, a self titled EP, that was preceded by a collection of DVD EPs.

In 2006 the group decided to add San Francisco Bay area bassist Keith Boyarsky to their roster, allowing DeBlanke the opportunity to take on the role of lead guitarist, and Bognacki to experiment more on keys and guitar, creating more cinematic soundscapes on stage.

After only a few months of performances supporting their debut release, Sarah and Daniel left the group suddenly to move on to a more musically focused project, one they initially called PHILISTINE! (and later ROBOTANISTS) – Boyarsky followed.

Lifelong friends, Mammone and Bognacki continued working together developing music and ambitious film projects.

Here’s a preview of their never released second album and film:

LOMA LYNDA’s self titled album of music (Produced by Greg Butler), became available via OVERHEAD RECORDS‘ Destroy Rock Music (D.R.M.) imprint, on iTunes, and everywhere else on the web for the first time ever in January 2009!

Overhead will be releasing a collection of unreleased b-sides, demos and rarities, produced by the group before they hit it big at Sundance,  this coming year.

For more info about LOMA LYNDA’s various film projects, visit LOMALYNDA.com

For more info about songwriters Sarah & Daniel DeBlanke, visit LOMALYNDAMUSIC.com

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