L.A.’s decidedly noir, ROBOTANISTS creates “female-fronted indie at its finest” (RCRDLBL). The group recently became a quintet and are debuting new music this summer as they work on a follow up to their two critically acclaimed 2011 releases; their 3rd studio album, Plans in Progress,and their ambitious 24 hour cover of Radiohead’s The King of Limbs 

Known for their “achingly candied vocals”  and “shimmering layers of guitar and electronics” (LA Weekly), their sound has also been described as “seductive and ethereal, melding the mechanical with the mortal, akin to the legendary lads from Abingdon, Oxfordshire along with the sleek sexuality of latter day Blondie and Everything But The Girl.” (Amplifier). 

Photo by Jessy Plume (c) 2010

Here are a few nice things that have been said about ROBOTANISTS…

“Robotanists are dreamscape designers who know how to make a great, great record… “The Lack Thereof” begins with a country twang, transitions into melodic-ballad heaven, and crescendos into spacey bliss that is something you would hear from Philip Glass. The melody snowballs into echoey euphoric vocals that sent chills down my spine.”

402 Productions (USA)

“Beautiful, breathy vocals; style for miles; and epic compositional turns that pull you in without pretense.”

QRO Magazine (USA / UK)

“Seductive and ethereal, Plans in Progress melds the mechanical (synthesizers, midi-sequencing etc.) with the mortal (i.e. real instruments played by humans) akin to the legendary lads from Abingdon, Oxfordshire along with the sleek sexuality (and grooves) of latter day Blondie and Everything But The Girl.”

~ Amplifier Magazine (USA)

“Evocatively dreamlike without sacrificing command or precision. [Plans in Progress] moves consistently through a spectrum of hushed melodies, crashing choruses and driving rhythms. The Robotanists’ third full length album may be the shortest, but it’s the most relentless and auspicious in what lies ahead for the four piece.”

~ Indie Rock Reviews (USA)

“Robotanists set themselves apart from most bands, keeping an upbeat and interesting style at the same time as being deep and sensual.”

~ The Deli Magazine (USA)

“Plans in Progress is an album filled with longing and discovery… Robotanists have an electric future ahead of them. Comparable to The Sounds, but ten folds better”

~ My Favorite M.A.O.I. (USA)

Let’s just face it.  The Robotanists have talent. Their drummer (Preston Scott Phillips) is amazing.  I always say, a band is only as good as their drummer.  And, Sarah Elquist DeBlanke is a real “singer”.  It’s so stupid, but there once was a time when the prerequisite for being a singer, was being able to sing (did I mention I just saw Glass Candy?).  Sarah CAN sing.  Daniel DeBlanke is one of my guitar heroes.  I like to think he plays like I do, but he actually plays like I would eventually want to be able to play if I practiced for 10 years.  Keith Boyarsky plays bass, and really keeps everything together when they play live.”

~ Radio Free Silver Lake (USA)

“Robotanists’ versatile music effortlessly blends elements of rock and pop, reflecting a spectrum of moods rather than a particular genre. Their songs evoke different atmospheres that are intriguing and captivating, with a seemingly metaphorical depth and alternately sedated sound.”

~ Carver Wilcox, Flavorpill (USA)

“Female-fronted indie at its finest, a soulful voice cast over booming guitar and the downright pretty production quality typical of the genre. The Robotanists are here to fill that void [of bands like Denali] in every respect, and “On/Off The Ledge” is as sincere as it is dancy, adjectives that normally take effort to pair together.

~ (USA)

“@Robotanists rerecorded the new Radiohead record better than Radiohead!”

~ Travis Keller (@buddyhead), (USA)

“Yes. We’re as blown away as you are [by ROBOTANISTS covering Radiohead’s The King of Limbs in only 24 hours]. These aren’t some halfassed acoustic covers either (though in 24 hours even that would be impressive). These are full-bodied productions, Sarah Ellquist DeBlanke’s vocals echoing in your head long after the 37 minutes end.”

~ Ray Padgett, Cover Me Songs (USA)

“Over ghostly guitars and pulsing keys, Ellquist’s vocals strike a nice balance between sultry/detached and warm/inviting, and on this sophomore effort, produced by Danny Kalb, the foursome strikes out for a broader sonic atmosphere. “Let’s steal this moment / and go as fast as we can,” Ellquist sings in the title track, and if this too-short (28-plus minutes) album is any indication, Robotanists’ moment may very well be nigh.”

~ Kevin Bronson, (USA)

“[Ellquist’s] achingly candied vocals give such dream-pop chansons as “Terminal A” and “The Ghost You’re Haunting” a romantically yearning quality, as her musical co-conspirator Daniel DeBlanke surrounds her with shimmering layers of guitar and electronics… [her] sugary melodies and charismatic allure contribute to Robotanists’ considerable commercial potential, but one hopes that DeBlanke will continue to contrast such pure-pop ambition with the artful embellishments and occasional experimentation that distinguish the new album.”

~ Falling James, LA Weekly (USA)

“Robotanists are a group you want to believe in because the moment you hear the lure of Sarah Ellquist‘s voice [on PLANS IN PROGRESS] mixed in with sounds that are both ethereal and insistent, you want to know about the next set of twists to come.”

~ This Is Books Music (USA)

“concentrated dose of brilliance… and with an LP full of fetching tracks [Plans in Progress], whose gigantic choruses will penetrate your subconscious and stay there.”

~ AerialNoise (USA)

“Their EPs Close Down the Woods and Shapes and Variations are incredibly addicting… [Shapes and Variations] is one of the best cover albums of the past decade. Any band that can take something like Jay-Z’s calculated hit “Empire State of Mind” and turn it into a beautifully melancholic ode to Los Angeles is a band that demands your attention.”

~ (USA)











PUBLISHING: Sessionier

RADIO: Rich Michalowski, Substance Co.


US PR: David Clifford, US / THEM

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