In the Spring of 2011, the band ROBOTANISTS took up the task of assembling a group of string players to perform with and expand their live show.  Still in its infancy, the group is rapidly expanding to include a variety of performers from diverse musical backgrounds, all led by ROBOTANISTS’ arranger / composer, Daniel DeBlanke. The group will make their debut performance in Los Angeles at the Satellite on April 13th, performing songs from ROBOTANISTS’ latest album, PLANS IN PROGRESS.

featured performers include:

Daniel DeBlanke (of ROBOTANISTS) Arranger / Composer / Guitarist


Asha Sukumar – Violin

Chanda Dancy – Violin

Kate Reddish – Viola

Lisa Grzanka – Violin

Maria DeLuca – Viola

Matthew Witmer – Viola

Morgan Paros – Violin

and others

Wanna join the group? Email info@theartificialheartstrings.com

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