THE FAUX HIPSTERS are a band that makes music of the moment… only performing live.

In august of 2005 guitar player Daniel DeBlanke recruited drummer (and fellow bummed out employee) Preston Scott Phillips to help perform music for a local actress’ “one woman play”.

The music for the play was awesome, but the show itself sucked pretty huge camel cock. Sitting behind the stage for “bark” quickly turned so boring that the musicians turned to drinking to get through the 90 minute performance.

At the end of the show, the two intoxicated musicians would tear whole heartedly into a percussive mess of blues ridden rock and roll (mostly because it would get the 4 people out of the theater faster).

This moment became the highlight of the show, and by the end of the run, members of the theater staff acclaimed the duo as “fucking awesome”, “way fucking more awesome then any actual acting that went on during the show!”

Years later, they have re-united as a duo. Their goal is to mix beats, riffs, and fluid free improvisation across the land.

Thank god for Jimi and John Coltrane

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