Earl and Courtney met on a sultry evening in New Orleans in a seedy bar. Neither one of them would have guessed that they would eventually form a rock band, especially by the way Courtney treated Earl with undeserved disdain. The Long Tangles formed in January of 2010 in Austin, Texas, as a drums+keys+vox, indie rock+indie pop+matrimony rock duo. Their first EP, BLUEPRINTS & MAPS [TLT001] was recorded at Ice Cream Factory Studio in May 2010 and boasts three songs that float through labors of love, love lost, and love strengthened.

The Long Tangles’ first full-length album SILVER CITY [OVR005-TLT002] was released on January 4th, 2011, and is available digitally worldwide via Overhead Records, and on limited edition CD through the The Long Tangles official store. The prolific group, was eager to head back in to the studio, where they recorded their 2nd full length release in one year. FINER THINGS [OVR009-TLT003] is OUT NOW!

“yes, while both of the songs certainly make my brain want to scream out Mates Of State, they’re are so well crafted and full of energy that it’s not hard to look past all the easy comparisons between the two acts.  As for the other tracks on Finer Things, “I Want You,” “Sentiment,” and “San Ve San” are all solid, upbeat pop tunes that you’ll probably find stuck in your head at some point.  There’s also the breezy and effortless gem that is “Maricopa County,” which is so good it left me wishing that Finer Things had a few more like it.”


THE LONG TANGLES produce a sound uniquely their own. Multi-toned synth and keyboard bass tones interwine with fiery and vigorous drumming to lay a strong foundation for alluring lyrics and layered melodies.”

>> The Austin Chronicle







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